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The Happy Fits

 I had the pleasure of meeting The Happy Fits backstage at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood before their concert.

The Happy Fits' music reflects the anxieties and daily challenges we face in the world. The band was formed in 2015 when Ross (Guitar) threw a charity event for Relay for Life and met Calvin (Cello, Vocals). Their debut EP, Awfully Apeelin', was released in 2016 and gained attention when "While You Fade Away" was included on Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist. The trio dropped out of college to focus on the band full-time and embarked on a DIY tour. In 2018, The Happy Fits released their debut album Concentrate and spent the next two years touring. Their second album, What Could Be Better, was released in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, the band turned their couch into a puppet and created a music video for every song on the album. Their third album, Under the Shade of Green, is the result of a five-month recording process and showcases the band's continued growth and evolution.

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