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Welcome to my page. My name is Vincent, I'm a French American street and portrait photographer.​ After 13 years in Los Angeles, I just relocated to Monaco.


Why do I only shoot analog? I do believe that film captures the unfiltered essence of existence. Each press of the shutter unveils a fragment of truth, a glimpse into the profound beauty and complexity that intertwine in the fabric of life. Analog's imperfections? I think they mirror those of our world, revealing the genuine emotions that lie beneath the surface. Every frame is an exploration of the human condition, an attempt to decipher the enigmatic language of our surroundings. Amidst the sea of digital uniformity, I invite you to embrace the tactile authenticity of analog, where every photograph is a testament to my unwavering devotion to preserving the fleeting yet eternal stories that define us – stories that resonate far beyond the confines of the image.

I chose Happy Accident Photo as a moniker because the definition suits me well. A Happy Accident is defined as a mistake or unplanned event that results in a beneficial outcome or pleasant surprise.

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